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Broken Beach Nusa Penida

7 Must-See Destinations in Nusa Penida Island

6 November 2022 916x Destinasi, Nusa Penida

Visiting Bali, don’t miss this island in the southeast. Nusa Penida Island is one of the must-visit destinations. Located in Bali province in Indonesia, this place has various beauties. Here are some of the places to visit in the area:... read more

diamond beach2

5 Excited Nusa Penida Beaches That Tourist Must Visit

29 July 2022 782x Destinasi, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida has recently become the most popular place to visit in Bali. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity is that Nusa Penida Beaches are so epic. The following are eight beaches on the beautiful island of Nusa... read more

Kelingking Beach

Wow! 3 Must Visit Nusa Penida Hits Destinations

25 July 2022 490x Destinasi, Nusa Penida

An alternative vacation in Bali at this time is visiting the island of Nusa Penida. This island, which is still part of the territory of Bali, has become a lot of conversation for foreign tourists because it has an incomparable... read more

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