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Nusa Penida has recently become the most popular place to visit in Bali. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity is that Nusa Penida Beaches are so epic. The following are eight beaches on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida that you must visit.

1. Atuh Beach

Image from @tripinpenida

Surrounded by large cliffs and rocks, Atuh Beach has extraordinary formations. There is an arch straight from the beach, and several small islands are visible in the distance.

In addition to exploring the beach and sea, tourists can also enjoy fresh coconuts very cheaply. This place is very Instagram-able. Anyone would not want to miss a moment on this beach.

2. Kelingking Beach

The view on one of Nusa Penida’s beaches is unforgettable. The water looks crystal clear. Even though you only see from the cliff, everything looks clear.

Kelingking Beach

Image from @tripinpenida

This beach has so many stunning views that it is challenging to choose the best spot for a photo. But the cliff shape has become many people’s favorite.

The name Kelingking Beach can be seen from the shape of the cliff. A cliff protrudes slightly, the form of which is precisely the smallest finger on the hand.

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3. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay is the most popular beach on Nusa Penida beaches. Many tourists are already familiar with this place. One of them is because this beach has the best sunset spot.

Image from @tripinpenida

Image from @tripinpenida

This beach faces directly to the west. This location, of course, makes the sunset unobstructed. As a result, many people are enjoying a beer while enjoying the Nusa Penida nightlife.

This beach is also a place for snorkeling tours. It is only a 30-minute drive from the main port, Toyapakeh. The water is also apparent here, and you can snorkel easily.

4. Broken Beach

Broken Beach is an equally stunning little cove. This place is also a favorite of tourists who choose the Nusa Penida beaches tour. The name Broken Beach is because this place looks like coral damaged by the onslaught of water.

Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Image from @tripinpenida

Form a tunnel with water underneath. However, the view of this beach is not damaged at all. Instead, everything looks very artistic. As if made by humans, even though it is a work of nature.

5. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Image from @tripinpenida

As one of the most beautiful places in Nusa Penida Beaches, Diamond Beaches gets its name from the arrangement of karst rocks. At first glance, everything looks like a stretch of gemstones, especially if exposed to sunlight, which makes it look dazzling.

The sheen of the cliffs and white sand are gems that beach lovers need. Unfortunately, this place is considered very difficult to reach. However, residents have the initiative to build a footpath so tourists can quickly go down to the beach.

Diamond Beach has a reasonably steep seabed contour. If you want to swim, choose a place around the beach. Mainly because there is no lifeguard on this beach, you have to pay more attention to safety.

Don’t miss to choose one of the must-visit and famous Nusa Penida beaches. Everything will be a pleasant vacation experience.

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